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Grin vs. Frown

 "Our highest priority is

to satisfy the customer through

early and continuous delivery of

valuable software [product].”

Our last Agile meet up was focused around delivering quality product/solution to the customer in a timely manner (aka - on time).  The concept was split into four main tenets: priority, satisfaction, continuous delivery and value.  Each was tackled with an openspace approach and I was consumed by the lively discussion around “satisfaction”. This particular concept took on a life of its own and I personally think that in the end it became a main pillar for successful delivery. If we really think about this it all comes down to whether the client, your team and everyone involved is satisfied or not.  Grin vs. frown!

As a group we’ve outlined key thoughts, here are just a few: 

Who is involved?

Who has the last say?

Will organizational culture impacts the outcome and delivery?

What is “satisfaction”?

Thinking big.

Should the team/experts point out to the customer what will ultimately “satisfy” them.

Is there an actual value in exceeding expectations, will it necessarily result in satisfaction?

As the discussion became a bit philosophical (and extremely humorous) at times, ultimately I left that evening with one key thought:

Details of a project such as timelines, cost, product features are all variable and easily influenced by ever-changing circumstances, the one basic constant that you need to recognize and master is identifying the “who”.  Who is the customer, the end user, the experts? Without that you’re just shooting in the dark hoping to eventually meet the main objective and as a cherry on top leave a memorable sweet aftertaste…

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